About Times Eye Film

Our films offer alternative perspectives on a range of stimulating subjects. Working closely with our collaborators, Times Eye Film challenges assumptions and dominant narratives, making our films distinctive, progressive and inspiring. We are a young and dynamic team with a background in film and contemporary art and we are always curious to hear untold stories. We’d love you to watch, like and share our films, so visit our channel on Youtube and Vimeo to see what we create.

Our Process

We work with creative people who are doing something meaningful in their community big or small. We provide a unique take on documentary filmmaking; with an alternative aesthetic and intimate style, we work closely and impartially with our hosts, letting them lead the conversation and express themselves honestly and with integrity.


We believe many people are underrepresented in the media, people who are doing important, valuable and exciting things. We want to know about them and we hope you do too.

Get in touch

Give us a shout if we should work together, we love to collaborate.